Are there events at your shop and how do I find out about them?

Yes! We hold regular wine tasting events at our shop. Please look at our events page to find out more. We are also available to run private events; either in our shop or at your chosen venue. Please contact us for more details and to discuss your requirements.

How much do I have to order?

As much or as little as you like. Just one bottle is fine (or half or miniature!)

Are the prices online the same as in your shop?

The prices of all full priced wines are always the same.

From time to time there will be shop offers which are not online and some online offers which are not in the shop!

Are your stock levels on the website accurate?

We keep the stock levels as accurate as possible. The website updates with our till so there may be some delay. And, like all online sites, some bottles may be in a virtual bag while another customer is buying and not update until the purchase is complete. We try our very best to keep it accurate so please do contact us if you are having any difficulties.

What sort of discounts do you offer?

ONLINE our discount is 10% on full priced bottles of wine when ordering 12 or more bottles. This does not include anything in a sale, on offer or bin ends.

IN SHOP our discount is also 10% on full priced wines when buying 12 or more bottles. This does not include anything in a sale, on offer or bin ends.

(excludes spirits and fortified wines)


You may have a CRU card and collect points on every full priced bottle of wine you buy. You can then exchange them for money off future purchases. (Cru is our in shop reward card and does not apply online).

(excludes spirits and fortified wines)

Do you Deliver?

We can deliver your order through our delivery partners APC.

The cost is £9.95 for delivery to a single address. Multiple addresses are all charged per address.

We offer free delivery on orders over £100.00 provided it is to a single address.


If you live locally most customers prefer our ‘click and collect’ option when ordering off the website. This is free.

Can I make an order to be delivered on a certain date?

The general answer to this is YES

However, please remember we are closed on a Sunday and a Monday and so any orders made on those days will not be processed until Tuesday. It is always better to email us or phone if you have a very specific date requirement for your order.

When will my order be ready?

We endeavour to have your order ready for collection the next working day after the order is received. Please note that orders made after 6pm will not be processed until the next day and, as we are closed on a Sunday and Monday, any orders made at this times, will not be processed until the Tuesday when we open. And therefore ready on the Wednesday.

Will my wine look like the one in the picture?

The short answer is no! The image is for illustrative purposes only as labels, closures and even bottles can change without notice. But most of the time, yes!

Will my wine be the same vintage as the online?

We endeavor to keep the vintages up to date on the website but occasionally we will miss a few. You will receive the latest vintage that is made available to us from our importers and suppliers. If you have a specific requirement please do contact us and have a chat.

This, of course, does not apply to fine wines and their vintages. Here you will receive exactly what is described on the website

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